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The Bible Experience
Inspired By...  The Voice of God   [Listen]
Hear the words of the Bible brought to life like never before.  Inspired By...The Bible Experience: Complete Bible features a fully dramatized reading of the complete Bible performed by an unprecedented ensemble of distinguished all-star actors, musicians, and personalities. A cast of more than 400 stars, including  Blair Underwood (Jesus), Samuel L. Jackson (God), Angela Bassett (Esther), Denzel Washington (Solomon), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Judas), and many others, lent their talents to create The Bible Experience, a one-of-a-kind dramatized audio recording of the Bible, complete with an outstanding original musical underscore. Available on CD or MP3, The Bible Experience: was released in October 2006 and has sold more than 1 Million copies and was named Audio Book of the Year.  The Complete Bible will be available in stores in October 2007.

Produced and brought to you by Inspired By Media Group, Inc.

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Executive Bios
Ron Belk
Kyle Bowser
Lou 'Buster' Brown
Robi Reed


Producer/Director Bio
Chip Hurd